About me...

They called me Kenny back then!


I have been living in The Netherlands for about 22 years.

 I enjoy bowling , computers, poetry, Country Music, country dancing, and a good beer.

(Bitte ein Bit!)

I am also an active member of the The Common Country Dancers in Achterveld, Holland - an organization for country line dancing. (I am currently the club's webmaster).

I am originally from Duluth, Minnesota (USA) and have lived in Illinois, Montana, Germany and Holland.. I have 4 sisters (all living in Minnesota) and 3 brothers (2 in Minnesota and 1 in Alaska). Both my parents reside in Minnesota.

I  have one son "Michael" living in Apeldoorn.

Mike 2000

Mike 2009



I am married to Helga (Lober) Buresh formally of Wiesbaden Germany . 


Graduated from Morgan Park High School in Duluth, Minnesota in 1968

Advanced Certificate in Mid Management from the  Community Colleges of Chicago

Associates Degree in Informations Systems Technology

Languages: Working knowledge in Dutch, German and English.

Computer related skills (Diverse) .



Nice to see you here.

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